Peculiar Poems


What a super start to the new term.

Last week we had a fabulous week learning about the royal family, drawing our own portraits and researching. We learned that Queen Elizabeth was married in 1953, she has 4 children and at 16 she did her first public engagement where she inspected the Grenadier Guards.

In Maths we have been learning about Perimeter and Area, which has been quite tricky but everyone has enjoyed the challenge – especially Matthew and Shiv who have blown me away with their learning this week.

In English we have enjoyed writing poems and trying to find words that rhyme. This has been lots of fun. We have had to think about similes, personification and metaphors and how we can use these writer’s tricks alongside rhyming couplets – a challenging task!

We are looking forward to celebrating Bishop’s Day today.

What’s your opinion?


Today we have been giving our opinion. 

Sam, Rosalyn and Charlie did a superb job of giving a contrasting review with both positive and negative opinions. Paddy also made Miss Marshall proud by explaining his opinions of the film. 

In Maths, Zane and Shiv made Miss Marshall proud by accurately presenting discrete data. A tricky concept to understand. Isabel, Natalie, Megan and Tyler also did a fantastic job of interpreting the data. 

Kian and Finley M provided excellent responses to questions in Guided Reading. Excellent teamwork boys. 

This afternoon we looked at the process of fossilisation. Miss Marshall is really proud of Matthew and Keira who confidently discussed and presented the key points with images to support.

Well done South Africa 😊. Another super day!

Well done Class South Africa


What a super day! 

We have been successfully identifying the features of film reviews in English. Matthew and Fletcher discussed positive and negative opinions explaining why it is important to give an honest review. Alongside this, Leo and Grace discussed hooks and their purpose. Kian also amazed Miss Marshall with his knowledge of these features. 

In Maths, some children concentrated on coordinates. Miss Marshall was very proud of Toby, Joe and Patrick who accurately plotted points on a grid and connected them to make polygons. In addition, some children focused on symmetry and realised that some shapes have more than one line of symmetry. Keira reminded us that each side must be the same. Well done Keira. 

Miss Marshall was also proud of Ben for his detailed and thoughtful answers in guided reading. 

This afternoon we researched round houses in preparation for our Design and Technology project. Riley and Finley H demonstrated some excellent computing skills, gathering relevant notes about these Bronze Age homes. 

What do you know? 


Class South Africa had a fabulous morning showing Miss Marshall what they know. 

To begin with, we wrote a detailed recount about our fabulous wow day, which was so much fun! Well done to Keira, Ben, Catherine and Isabel N. You worked extra hard to include all of the skills and more in your Big Write. A special mention for Zane and Elliott who were poorly on the day but still managed to gather and record lots of relevant information in their recounts.

In Maths we talked about position, direction and movement. Miss Marshall asked us to shut out eyes and to turn clockwise and anti-clockwise in 1/4 and 3/4 turns. Year 4’s were asked to look at coordinates. They were really tricky!

Miss Marshall is very proud of everybody for their SS manners today. 

Ks2 Christmas Service


Today we went to St Botolph’s Church for our festive Christmas service.

Brooke, Natalie, Fletcher, Rosalyn, Isabel and Elliott did an amazing job of reading the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’! We are all very proud of them.

All of the children were beautifully behaved and showed great respect for the church.

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to David (our phase governor) and Matthew and Rosalyn’s grandad who told us all about Advent.

All of the children were so polite as they received their special treat at the end of the service. Thank you very much from us all.


Party planners! 


Today we have had lots of fun learning how to be party planners! Miss Marshall gave us a budget of £25. We thought carefully about our choice of food (including allergies and dietary requirements), drink and decorations, whilst using our mathematical knowledge to work out the total costings and how much we had left to spend. We did some super market research and found out that most children in class South Africa prefer pop to juice! Matthew also found out that tuna is a popular sandwich choice. Yum! It was a challenging task to ensure we had enough for everyone but we all worked really well as a team and even came in under budget!! Miss Marshall was very pleased. 😁

Well done everybody!